A pEdit Conduit


The pEdit Conduit is a program that will copy your 32K pEdit32 and pEditPro memos to files in your hotsync directory, with the category of the memo being the subfolder it resides in. It uses the first line of the memo as the name of the file.


pEdit32's ListView, showing the memos.

pEdit32's EditView, showing a memo with a strange category.

Synchronizing with the pEdit32 Conduit.

Synchronizing with the pEditPro Conduit.

Each category turns into a directory.

And each memo turns into a file.

Editting the memo file with Scite.

Yet-to-be-implemented Features

Yet-to-be-fixed Bugs


So, now that I've gotten you all excited by the description, and hopefully haven't scared you off by the list of bugs, you can download a copy of the latest version (0.3) of the pEdit Conduit here.


Version 0.3

Version 0.2

Version 0.1